A tragedy comedy about dating

"What's Your Sign?" is a poignant and twisted look at single life in New York City.  You think you had your share of disastrous dates?  Wait until you meet Joey and Linda.  The search for the perfect mate is on.  Bad dates, blind dates, outrageous dates, scary dates... Then they meet each other and the real disasters begin.

After writing and directing extensively in theatre, improv and sketch comedy groups, and acting in featured roles in television and film, it was time for Jack and Siren Films to bring "What's Your Sign?" and the crazy world of dating to the big screen.

He brought on Bud Gardner as the Director of Photography, John Nyomarkay as Production Designer, Elsie Stark as Casting Director and Sabine El Gemayel as the film’s editor.  The original score was composed by Steve Deutsch and the original songs were written by Peter Matz, John Vester, Matt Ender and Ron Boustead.

The film was shot in the streets and parks of New York City and on the sunlit roads of the Jersey Shore. The cast includes Judy Kuhn, Jack Gindi, Susie Essman, Ian Kahn, Artie Lange, Elizabeth Gorcey, Sabrina Lloyd, Doris Belack, Catherine Wolf, George Morfogen and Daniel Dae Kim.